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OCPA Celebrates
15 Years with 4 Comedies

April 17, 2010
SATURDAY, 3:30pm
Empire Theatre (the home of Theatre Out)
202 N. Broadway, Santa Ana
$5 suggested donation

The Orange County Playwrights Alliance swings into the Artists Village – and into the home of Theatre Out – for the start of its 15th “season” of new works. Catch staged readings of four new comedies at the Empire Theatre on Saturday, April 17th at 3:30pm.

The Playbill

Lady on Fire by Frank Farmer – The coast-to-coast odyssey of Gretchen M. Gold, a talk radio host with the answer to everyone’s problems … except, of course, her own.  As she tries to keep her soon-to-be-ex psychiatrist husband from leaving her poorer, she takes a series of steps toward peace of mind and enlightenment. Directed by R.J. Romero.

The Reading of the Will by Donna Bader – As three siblings meet a neophyte lawyer for the reading of Mom’s will, they expect some drama, but not their comeuppance. Directed by Steve Josephson (Gallimaufry Performing Arts, OHSA).

Audition by John Lane – Kiley has an M.F.A. in Drama from Carnegie-Mellon and is passionate about doing good work in film and theatre. So would a role in a two-bit horror movie be acceptable? After all, this is Hollywood … TV and film roles don’t come along every day.  Directed by Geoffrey Gread (New Voices Playwrights Theatre).

‘Til Death Do Us by Gene Fiskin – A just-married middle-aged couple find how little they know about each other as their Las Vegas honeymoon begins. Directed by Karen Wray (Panndora Productions).

714.902.5716 information & reservations

And where do you park? The garage at 3rd and Birch is free on the weekends – one block northwest of the theatre. The garage at 3rd and Broadway, we hear, is $2.

Join us in May for readings of new stuff at STAGEStheatre in Fullerton, and in July for readings of new works at NTAC.

And this thing will get better-looking. We promise.


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